A Day at the Spa

By Lauren Pehler, Assistant Program Manager


The theme of last year’s Reach for Ralph benefit was “Making Dreams Comes True.” That evening, guests were able to help fund the dreams of a number of people Hammer serves. Robin, an individual I support, had a dream any lady would enjoy – a day at the spa. Her wish was generously granted by two generous donors for a day at New Reflections Spalon in Plymouth.

Robin was ecstatic about scheduling her day of pampering and relaxation. She chose to save it for one of the dog days of winter and had been looking forward to her day of beauty for months. So, on a chilly Wednesday in early March, Robin headed to the spa.


From the moment we entered the spa, the staff at New Reflections went above and beyond to treat Robin like a princess. Having never been to a spa before, Robin’s eyes lit up while we sat the waiting area. “Wow, this is so cool. I love it!” she said when she saw a large fish tank and elegant light fixtures. As you might imagine, I was loving all of this too! What’s better than sitting in the relaxing atmosphere of a spa seeing an individual you serve get so excited?
Robin’s day of beauty treatments included a massage, facial, haircut and manicure. The spa professionals (Sheri, Jaymee and Kimberly) each took extra time with Robin and went out of their way to connect with her, asking about her friends, family and cat. Robin got to choose the scents used for her massage and facial and even sang some favorite songs with her manicurist Sheri. After each service, Robin would come up to me and point to the employee exclaiming: “She’s my friend!” I had never seen Robin beaming with so much joy and happiness! At the end of her spa experience, the woman at the front desk asked what her favorite part of the day was. “The whole thing!” Robin replied enthusiastically.

rw spa2When I told Robin I would be writing about her day at the spa, I asked her if she had anything to say. She overwhelmingly responded: “Thank you very much!” It was clear that Robin wanted me to share her gratitude to the wonderful donors who made her dream come true at Reach for Ralph. It was rewarding to see Robin so happy and appreciative of the experience, As a Hammer employee, I too am grateful for the donors who continually make special opportunities and dreams come true for individuals like Robin.

We hope you join us at this year’s Reach for Ralph on Thursday, July 23!


  1. Suzanne Wanous

    Thank you for sharing this – what a great story!

  2. stefanie Miller

    I agree the story was great!!


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