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We are honored and humbled as an organization to know that our staff members feel a deep sense of purpose and direction in their work, and it is with their support that we have become a top workplace. One of our core values as an organization is to provide a workplace where people are appreciated and recognized for their good work.

~ John Estrem, Chief Executive Officer, Hammer


Hi Friends!

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“Hammer invested in me. I started working as a Direct Support Professional, and Hammer helped pay for my education with grants. I obtained my nursing degree and Hammer hired me as Registered Nurse. Now, with my nursing degree, I am able to continue to support the individuals at Hammer.” 

Catherine, Nurse

“The most touching moment was when I was supporting an individual at his end of life. While I was always the one to provide this individual with encouragement and support, he in turn gave me a signal to let me now that he felt loved in the moment. It was very touching to see the impact we make on people’s lives.”

Duane, Assistant Program Manager

I think Hammer is a fantastic place to work, because we are like family here. We are small community, who really care and look out for one another, our staff, and individuals.


Coleace, Program Manager

The best days working at Hammer are any days that I get to help people take the next step towards achieving their goals. It makes me so happy to see people I support get one step closer to reaching their dreams. The flexible hours and welcoming atmosphere are great perks as well!” 

Kirsten, Case Manager

I like doing things for people that make them happy. We recently celebrated an individual’s birthday and to watch the excitement from everyone reminds me that I am helping make a difference.


Nensah, Program Manager

My best day at Hammer was when we had the families and individuals together for a picnic at our program. Everyone was happy, laughing, and enjoying themselves in the moment.

Michael, Program Manager

 “When our individuals can have a good day, I really love it. It makes my day when I can make an impact on the individuals and when they let me into their lives.

Jim, Assistant Program Manager

“I get to help someone who can’t help themselves. It is so huge that I can be part of someone’s life. I appreciate it so much.

Edith, Assistant Program Manager

I love being able to give the individuals the opportunities to do what they can. Hammer encourages people to be all that they can be.”

Brandi, Nurse

 “I love working at Hammer. I always tell others that they should join Hammer. It is one of the BEST companies I have ever worked for.”  

Quita, Direct Support Professional

Hammer has allowed me to grow and work in various roles in my 10+ years at Hammer; from Direct Support Professional to Program Manager to Case Manager.” 

Vanessa, Case Manager

“My best day at Hammer was being able to visit Target field with one of my individuals. He was able to see himself on the jumbotron, it was so precious, he was so proud of himself.”

Brenda, Program Manager

 “Working at Hammer has been such a blessing for me and my family over the past 10+ years. The flexibility and positive culture is second to none. I leave work most days, whether from my case management job or after a shift at one of our programs, with a smile on my face. Life is good at Hammer!”  

Melissa, Case Manager

Everyday is a good day in an office where you have a team of other talented and caring people that support each other and take the time out to celebrate each other’s successes.” 

Alex, Case Manager

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