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Hammer & NER is opening doors and creating opportunities for people with disabilities. As one of the largest disability services providers in Minnesota, we are living our mission of enabling people with disabilities to live meaningful, self-directed lives. With your continued support, we continue to open doors and unlock possibilities for the people we support.

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Our easy-to-use Advocacy Alert portal helps you email local legislators to encourage them to act on issues important to people with disabilities and those who care for them.

Supporting People in Homes & Apartments

Hammer & NER have provided housing and supportive services to people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities for a combined 150 years. We are proud of this legacy and remain committed to living out our mission to providing the people we serve the opportunity to live life to its fullest.

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Stock Gifts Are A Win-Win!

Stock Gifts Are A Win-Win!

You and Hammer & NER both win when you donate appreciated stock. You may get a tax deduction (consult your tax accountant first) for the full value of...

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The Marvelous Mary Anne

The Marvelous Mary Anne

Mary Anne came to NER in 1997 from Pine City where she lived with her mom. Mary Anne was raised on a farm and staff quickly learned that meant waking up early. If you were the overnight staff, you would often wake up with the sense of someone watching over you. Yes, this was Mary Anne who would wait patiently until 6 a.m. to wake you up. Mary Anne really knows how to make early mornings not so painful. She always has a smile, positive attitude, and something nice to say about you. 

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Anne’s Journey with Hammer

Anne’s Journey with Hammer

August 18, 1972, was a very important day in the lives of my sister, Anne, and our family. That was the day, 51 years ago, that Anne moved into Hammer Residences. At that time, Hammer was located on a single campus in Wayzata with a large dormitory. Anne moved into one of the rooms on the women’s floor in the dormitory and began her life as part of the Hammer family.

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