Eagle Scout Jack Moy is Hammer’s New Hero!

By Ginger Venable, Event and Project Manager at Hammer Residences Through this pandemic, many true heroes have emerged. Jack Moy, Eagle Scout, with help from his family and troop leaders has volunteered his free time during the pandemic to build three amazing pieces for Hammer Residences. Two...

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Learning to Pivot

By Angela Bernhardt, Director of Major Gifts Reading back a grant application submitted in March seems like a lifetime ago. Katie Pease, our Community Life Coordinator, had been planning a project idea with multidisciplinary artist Xochi de la Luna, and Cow Tipping Press, a nonprofit that teaches...

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When Life Comes Around Full Circle

Have you ever experienced arriving back where you first began? It’s ironic how life’s experiences can bring you full circle and then you realize how much you have really learned throughout the process. John Coy, now a local award-winning author recently journeyed back to his caregiver roots. He...

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