Community Partner Award: Mary Bradley

The Community Partner Award honors those who make significant contributions to Hammer & NER through their time, talent, and treasure. Over the years, we’ve recognized 83 Community Partners who serve as role models of compassion and service. They have made a positive impact on the lives of those we support. This year, we are pleased to present three Community Partner Awards. Our third recipient is Mary Bradley. Here is her story . . . 

Mary Bradley has been volunteering with the ladies at our County Road F home in White Bear Lake for three years. She takes the time to make each person feel special. (Mary is pictured above with the ladies from County Road F.)

Sandy and Mary

When Mary first started volunteering, she would come to the house and bake amazing and beautiful confections with all four of the ladies. Sometimes she would also do crafts or play games with the ladies on Monday evenings. Everyone wanted in on the action, fun, and attention. Mary and Program Manager, Jeanne Ottman, discussed the challenge of all four ladies in a very small kitchen trying to bake and how divided her time was. They came up with a better plan. Currently, Mary has been filling a need for 1:1 specialized attention—which does not happen as much as it did prior to COVID-19 due to current weekend staffing patterns. Mary does this by giving each lady a special “Mary Saturday” to plan and look forward to. Mary has also come along to Community Education classes and other events to be an extra support.

Mary truly takes the time to make each person feel special once a month on “their” Saturday. The ladies look forward to and plan their individual “Mary Days.” They have gone out for coffee, shopping, and mall exploring. The ladies have gotten professional manicures, had lunches out, and gone to craft shows. It means so much for each person to choose what activity they would like to do and have Mary’s undivided attention. Mary is up for just about anything and she is so very generous with her time and attention. She brings smiles and an enthusiasm with her caring and considerate ways. The ladies have a chance to talk to a friend, make important choices, and truly be the center of attention for a few hours.

Congratulations, Mary! Thank you for all you do for the ladies of County Road F!


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  1. Jeanne Ottman

    Mary-Sandy is looking at the picture of you and her. She is getting tears in her eyes because she is so excited for this Saturday! You ladies have a good time!


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