Hammer Home Run 2017

By: Michelle Ryan, Program Manager at Zachary Baseball in January you might ask? …well our answer is YES! Baseball is usually considered a summertime sport, but this year, during one of the coldest days in January, Hammer held its 4th Annual Hammer Home Run event in the Wayzata Middle School dome....

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Living with Tourette Syndrome

By Brian Kelly, In-Home Program Manager Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a neurological movement disorder that causes a person to have both motor and vocal tics. To me, it is what I got made fun of for when I was a kid (my head twitches, incessant blinking, the compulsion to count things until they were...

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Finding Mitch

by Karen Trygstad, Training Administrative Assistant The road to reconnecting with Mitch was nothing short of a divine intervention. Explaining to anyone how I know Mitch requires a flow chart, which makes the reunion all that more special. I am “related” to Rod Carew, the former Minnesota Twins...

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