A Simple Lunch Turns Into An Inspirational Moment

Sometimes, a simple act of kindness is all it takes to brighten someone’s day! The sheer goodwill of people can be both comforting and humbling. Last Saturday at Black Oaks, one of the individuals living there suggested going to lunch at Lion’s Tap Family Restaurant in Eden Prairie....

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Quality of Life: An Incredible Gift

Bill Bieber and his family have been generous Hammer family members since 1990. With compassion for those we serve and insight about family’s needs, Bill and his family established the Quality of Life Fund in 1993 as a financial resource for the men, women and children with developmental...

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A Community of Support: Leslie’s Story

By Mary Gaasch, Program Manager I took a deep breath.  This was risky, I knew.  Just mentioning a difficult situation to Leslie could potentially ignite a crisis. A few years ago, it would have sent her into a sobbing, raging state that would have lasted a week. “Leslie, I heard you did a good job...

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