Celebrating Our Direct Support Professionals

Celebrating Our Direct Support Professionals

Yata from our Zachary home

Direct Support Professional Recognition Week (Sept. 10-16) is a great opportunity to highlight our dedicated, caring, and innovative direct support professionals who are the heart and soul of supports for people with disabilities. It’s important to recognize and celebrate the amazing and often unsung work of these incredible professionals. It’s just a small fraction of the recognition that they deserve throughout the year.

Emmanuel from our Emery home

Our Hammer & NER direct support staff have helped us SHINE in 2023. Over the last few months, our program team has focused on the five elements of SHINE, emphasizing one each month, to remind us of our values and our need to be person-centered for the people we support and our colleagues.


S – Supporting individuals
H – Honor and dignity
I – Invest in your career
N – Navigating change
E – Experiencing life

The families and guardians of those we support are also thankful to the staff who support their loved ones. Here are just a few of the words of thanks we have received:

–Just want to say how grateful we are for Sara at Rockford. She has been at Rockford since day one, that is 20+ years. She has been like a sister to the four girls there. She has done many things in the community with them. Our daughter’s life has been greatly enhanced by Sara’s efforts. Thank you to all of the staff at Hammer.  

–This (gift) is for the super great DSPs at Kentucky and Lawndale. We appreciate them so very much.

–Thank you to all staff working with the Lancaster men. They make life happen with active, engaged, supported, energized, and creative approaches.  

Brittney, one of our program managers, with a gift basket she made for her team. 

–To the staff at Renew, thanks for all you do to support Kelly and all the others there.

–Thank you to the Vicksburg Village staff and the Currie House staff!

We add our thanks to those noted here. We are grateful for the incredible work that our 350+ DSPs do every day to ensure that people with intellectual and other disabilities are supported in their homes and communities. Thank you!

If you would like to make a gift Hammer & NER in honor of a caregiver or group of staff you may do so here. Your donation supports the dedicated and caring DSPs who are at the center of what we do. You can also include a special note. We will let the DSP(s) know of your generosity.

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  1. Jeanne Ottman

    Thank you to the team at Cty Rd F who bring care, compassion and adventure to the lives of the ladies living here. I am proud to be Program Manager of a team that shows up and keeps up with our ever-changing life events. Each staff has her own unique talents that make all of our days easier, safer and brighter!


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