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Madieu – Caregiver for 18 Years!
Madieu is a Direct Support Professional (DSP) in Tim’s home. He provides the calm emotional and physical support that Tim needs.

Tim – now 65 has lived at one of our 68 group homes for seven years. His sister Sarah shared this story.
It was our mother’s dream to get Tim into Hammer & NER and she spent two decades working to make that happen. When Tim finally was able to move into a home, Mom would often say she could die happy knowing Tim is in such a perfect place for him.

Sadly, Mom passed away in July, so now I am his guardian. Fortunately, Tim has a great relationship with his caregivers, who have helped him through this difficult time. His amazing and attentive caregivers provide emotional support and make time to get to know what he needs to be successful. Read more from Tim’s sister Sarah, here


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