Medica – Hammer Community Partner Award Recipients

Medica – Hammer Community Partner Award Recipients

By Cathy Thoma, Director of Volunteer Resources

Congratulations to Hammer’s Community Partner Award Recipient – Medica!

Thank you to the Medica employees who have and continue to volunteer their time engaging with the individuals we support. Your dedication and commitment has truly enriched so many lives.

It began in 2012. Medica partnered with Hammer to provide Care Coordination for 300 of Medica’s Special Needs Basic Care Program members, and Medica employees volunteered that year during our Fall Yard Clean Up. But it didn’t end there. Those Medica employees enjoyed their volunteer experience so much, that they decided to adopt our Hammer Day Program.

Six years later and our relationship is still going strong, both with Care Coordination and Medica employees volunteering with those we support in our Day Program.

In fact, so many Medica employees wanted to participate that we now have two different groups helping at our Day Support Program.  Renee Farrow leads the first Medica team. Every other month, volunteers leave their offices to join those we serve for a day full of fun and community engagement. Excitement builds as the day’s activities get under way.

Sabrinna Berghorst leads the second team of Medica volunteers. They attend the Day Support’s bowling outings each month and help celebrate the holidays with parties and activities. Recently Sabrinna and a team mate used FaceTime to wish James a happy birthday!

Sabrinna with James. Pictured at top of post is Renee & Andy.

Over the years, our individuals have gotten to enjoy pizza parties, baking cookies and going to parks for picnics. A rain out once resulted in bubbles and board games! Sharing lunch together, employees, individuals and Hammer staff get to know each other better and make plans for the future.

Virginia Kjellesvig, Assistant Program Manager at the Hammer Day Program, explained why this relationship is so important to the individuals we support. “One purpose of the Hammer Day Program is to provide our individuals opportunities to be involved in their communities. The group of volunteers from Medica is a very important part of this purpose. Not only are they members of our same community, they also assist the Day Support Program in helping our individuals enjoy experiences we may not, at this time, be able to provide to the entire group at once.”

In 2019, Medica was recognized for their volunteerism with Hammer by receiving the Game Changer Award from the Corporate Volunteerism Council – Twin Cities. They received $1,000 and promptly gave the check to Hammer.

Medica’s financial support didn’t start there. In 2014 Medica granted Hammer $30,000 to begin our Healthy Living Initiative which is known today as our thriving Community Life department.

In addition, Medica donated $5,000 this year for operational costs for our Nursing Department. Dollars that support this critical department at what has turned out to be such an important time for Hammer.

To celebrate our wonderful partnership, Medica created a video and shared it as their Mission Moment across their company. You can view the video here.

Thank you to Medica for their financial support, and to all the Medica employees who brighten the days of the Hammer individuals in our Day Support Program. You truly help them to live their lives to the fullest!


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If you want to learn more about volunteer opportunities, visit Hammer.org/volunteer

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