Peace of Mind

By Bill and Joanne Culbert

Christie's high school graduation

Christie’s graduation from Irondale High School

We are grandparents and guardians to Christie Hanson who lives at Hammer’s Avana apartment program. Christie is our very special grandchild (we have nine!) and is presently as happy as she has ever been. In fact, Christie keeps reminding us that she never wants to move.

We know Christie quite well, since she lived with us for most of the first twenty years of her life. We had tried a couple of providers when it seemed Christie was ready for a new living situation.

However, we were not very happy and neither was Christie. We had heard the name Hammer Residences as being a really great provider for people with challenges. We looked at the website and were quite impressed by what the organization was all about.

Christie (back row, right) out biking with new friends from Avana

Christie (back row, right) out biking with new friends from Avana

Through prayer, patience and a lot of nagging, we finally were able to meet with folks from Hammer and learn more about the programs available to Christie. It was suggested that Christie would be a good fit in one of the independent living, apartment programs. After some discussion, we all decided this would be the right thing to do. The rest of the experience, as the saying goes, “is history” – good history!

In the seven months Christie has been with Hammer, her growth, thanks to the guidance her staff has provided, has been awesome. We have never been associated with such a fine group of dedicated people. We are so thankful for the wonderful care and support the staff provide those who are served by Hammer every single day. Needless to say, it gives old grandparents like us real peace of mind. We know in our hearts that as Christie grows and her needs change, Hammer will be there with and for her, guiding her growth and needs in the best direction possible.

Culberts Wedding Photo 2

On our wedding day, 60 years ago

Aside from Christie’s successes, we are also very fortunate to be celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary this year. So when our kids asked us what we would like, our response was that they all please make a gift to Hammer. We want to help with the wonderful work they do and show our appreciation to all the Hammer staff for their kindness and understanding they provide to our granddaughter.

It gives us peace of mind and we could not be more grateful.

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