When Andy Met Molly – A Dream Come True!

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By Aaron Garcia, Program Manager at Lake Place Apartments
Andy and Molly first met back in 1981 when they were young kids at summer camp. The camp was discontinued after a few summers and they lost contact with each other. Fast forward to 2008 when Andy and Molly were reunited at Hammer’s Broadmoor Apartments. The story goes like this: Andy had just moved into his apartment and was walking down to be with his new friends in the community apartment. Molly was meeting friends to go out to dinner when she opened the door to leave, and there was Andy. Their eyes met and they recognized each other right away. Andy remembered her as “the girl with the pretty curls from camp.” Molly remembered him as “the cute little white haired boy.” A friendship immediately sparked, and the rest is history.

Support from Hammer
Just like all couples, sometimes communication can be a barrier, but it does not prevent them from working through their issues in a loving way. When a difficulty occurs and they have trouble communicating, a Hammer staff member or their guardians help them to effectively communicate their message to the other. The collaboration between guardians and the Hammer staff help to guide the couple to further develop and grow in their relationship. However, in the grand scheme of things, we have merely fostered love.

Sometimes Andy and Molly find themselves in the all-too-familiar couples dispute of where to eat on date night. The argument goes back and forth between the two, until Molly states, “Andy, shut up and kiss me.” Andy will often freeze after hearing this, then proceed to kiss Molly. After the kiss they smile at each other, then agree on where to eat. I find this quarrel very relatable to quarrels in my marriage; it is also one of the recurring petty squabbles between my wife and me. Love is patient, love is kind.


Andy and Molly’s Engagement Photo

The Proposal
Andy proposed to Molly on Christmas Eve 2010, and Molly gracefully accepted. They were married on August 13, 2016 at the Braemer Golf Course in Edina where they first met at camp as children.

Andy and Molly’s Wedding
On their wedding day the sky was blue and the sun was bright and shining. Molly wore a beautiful dress with a sparking silver tiara and white flowing veil. Her radiant smile lit up the room and warmed the hearts of everyone around her, especially Andy’s. Andy stood in high-esteem, dressed in his black tux and smiling from ear to ear as he walked down the aisle to marry his best friend, Molly. He was the groom, she was the bride and it was their wedding day; and their day it was!

Andy and Molly were lovingly surrounded by over one hundred of their closest friends and family members who were thrilled to be part of this joyous day. Their wedding was a dream come true. Speeches were made, toasts were given, and two loving families merged.

Many people helped to make Andy and Molly’s wedding their special day. The Lake Place DSP’s supported the couple by arranging transportation to biweekly pre-marriage counseling sessions and weekly date nights. Emily Miller, Hammer DSP, took on the role of wedding planner for the couple, making sure their wedding day was planned and organized exactly as they imagined. The day made a lasting impression on many people. Molly’s and Andy’s dreams and hopes are no different than other young couples who meet, fall in love and get married. Love knows no boundaries. The life you lead; is the life you love.


  1. Jamey Price

    Congratulations to Andy, Molly, and their families. To the staff at Hammer I say, “Well done! You honor the dedication, commitment, progressive, forward thinking and the memory of Evelyn Carlson.” She would be so proud of ALL of you for seeing possibility and potential rather than limitations and barriers.

  2. Sarah Beaulieu

    This makes my heart sing!

  3. Michelle

    I loved this story.
    Is it going to be a possibility in the near future to use CADI funds to get into an apartment?


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