“Diamonds” & Yarn Are This Gal’s Best Friends

“Diamonds” & Yarn Are This Gal’s Best Friends

Peggy hard at work on her Diamond Painting project

Peggy has lived at Edgewater in Shoreview for nearly 14 years. As she has grown older, she has looked for new ways to stay busy and found that she really likes crafting. And it’s something she happens to be very good at!

Deb Holt is one of the staff at Edgewater and enjoys supporting Peggy. “She is a really neat gal,” says Deb. “She is very independent, loves to travel with her sister, and can always be counted on to give you the rundown on what’s going on in the house.” Peggy works on crafts or artwork for hours. “She has been working on this really huge Diamond Painting project for about six months,” says Deb. “It’s basically colored with little rhinestones that shimmer and shine. It is so beautiful. It’s a big project that would be intimidating for most people, but she just plugs away at it.” Peggy has completed several smaller pieces, too. This project covers the dining room table.

Peggy also enjoys creating working on a loom to create gifts for others

Crafting is a way that Peggy enjoys filling her time. “She very seldom watches TV,” says Deb. “Most of her awake time, when she’s not at her day program at MSS, is spent doing her art.” Peggy developed a connection through MSS with an art studio which has sold many of her pieces. She also started looming a few weeks ago, making scarves and hats. She’s currently making a scarf for someone. “Peggy so enjoys her art and gifts most of her projects,” Deb says. “I’m very proud of her commitment to her artwork.”

Next up, Peggy has asked Deb to teach her how to crochet. “I have several crochet hooks at home I can bring her,” Deb says. “She catches on really well to things and is looking forward to learning something new.”

Keep on crafting, Peggy! We can’t wait to see what you do next.

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