Joe Counts on You!

Joe Counts on You!

I’m going to be blunt. My son counts on you. Joe needs you now, today, and every day of the year.

Later I am going to ask you to become a monthly donor. But first, I want to introduce you to my son who, like everyone served by Hammer & NER needs our consistent and dependable financial support.

Joe & his friend Cindy enjoying a bowling outing.

Joe, 49, lives in his own one-bedroom apartment in New Hope, with caregivers just down the hall and a whole community, that’s you, who supports him. He is encouraged to shoot for the stars, and to be as independent as possible. He works during the day and also uses medical assistance to try to make ends meet. At night he might grab a bite to eat with friends. Joe plays basketball at the YMCA and bowls with Special Olympics.

Joe, like the 380 individuals living at Hammer & NER, is thriving and living the life he wants – and so deserves. If you think about it, Joe’s life is probably not all that different than yours or mine. It’s just that Joe can’t live his life alone. He needs you.

Serving my son Joe isn’t cheap, or easy. Government funding is decreasing and barely covers the basics – and certainly doesn’t cover any extras. Frankly, without your financial support, Hammer & NER can’t keep doing what they are doing.

Quality care comes at a cost and we need your consistent investment today.

Joe with friends and staff.

Will you please join me in becoming a monthly giver to Hammer & NER? I’ve been one for years. Show your continuing commitment to serving the needs of those living with developmental disabilities. You can provide much needed and reliable funds so Joe and others can continue to live a great life. I don’t want to imagine Joe’s life without Hammer & NER.

As a monthly donor you simply decide on an affordable amount that meets your budget and your desire to help Joe and his friends. Your gift will be automatically billed to your credit card or debit card. Get started today.

Your monthly gift truly makes a difference to my son and many others. Thank you so, so much.


Jane Shaffer, Joe’s Mom

P.S. We call our monthly givers Alvina’s Angels because like our founder, Alvina Hammer, you care enough to do what it takes to give people the life they deserve.

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