Remembering a Remarkable Woman

Remembering a Remarkable Woman

In honor of Hammer’s 100th anniversary and NER’s 50th anniversary, we have published Legacies, a special anniversary magazine, celebrating our history, the people we have supported, and those who have made our mission possible all these years. Here is one of the featured stories:

Ann Tulloch’s legacy of love

Ann Tulloch

Ann Brennecke Tulloch was instrumental in the development of Northeast Residence and served on the NER Board for many, many years.

She was tirelessly devoted to her son, Robb, who lived in a NER home and to the staff who cared for him who she took the time to get to know on a personal level. When people talk about the impact Ann had on NER and their own lives, they often become extremely emotional. Ann gave extra to everything she did and stood out in her level of involvement. Ann was always grateful, gracious, and thankful to those who shared her passion for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

“Ann Tulloch was/is the humble, quiet gift that keeps on giving,” says Lin Curran, Chief of East Metro Operations. “When she was with us, she would quietly show up at the home Robb lived in and remove weeds from the yard or beautiful flowerpots would magically appear. For fundraising events, she was always available to bring in gifts for the silent auction or simply help in the background. When ideas were needed, she would sit with you and brainstorm. No matter what the need or ask was, Ann was always there.”

Robb and Ann visited with Sen. Isaacson at Day at the Capitol, 2017

Ann passed away in 2019 at the age of 74 after a three-month struggle with an aggressive metastatic cancer. Memorials were directed to NER and 77 donors contributed $60,350 to her memory. Ann created a lasting legacy with her time, energy, talent, and financial commitment that continues today.

Angela Bernhardt grew up in Wayzata and as a result, she has been familiar with Hammer all of her life. She joined Hammer in 2013 as the Director of Major Gifts and enjoys meeting people and learning (and sharing!) their stories.

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