Election Day is November 8!

Election Day is November 8!

Make sure your vote counts!

This year, all of our statewide offices are up for re-election. We’ve also had redistricting this year, which means big changes in many districts. Legislators who are re-elected will get to know new districts, and Hammer and NER will have upwards of 50+ new legislators to meet and educate!

Did you know that Minnesota is the only state whose legislature sets the rates we can pay our Direct Support Professionals?
Our advocacy team works hard to build strong relationships with our legislators and to educate them on the issues that are so important to the disability services sector. We do this work to help build a care infrastructure that works for all. As an example, we know that investing in the wages we pay our direct care staff means better lives for people with disabilities.

We encourage everyone to make sure their voice is heard. Vote in the upcoming election, November 8.

Visit Minnesota Voting Information (vote411.org) for lots of great information and resources, including:

  • How to find your polling place
  • What’s on your ballet
  • Information about who is running (has it changed due to redistricting?)

If you still need to register to vote, you can do so in person at your polling place, when you go to vote on November 8. (Deadlines for online and mail ballets have expired.)

In addition, we encourage you to sign up for our (Hammer/NER) Action Alerts. Please visit the Advocate page on the Hammer website and click Sign Up for Alerts. When you receive an Acton Alert from us, you’ll simply enter your address, and an automated email will be sent to your legislators about an issue important to the disability services community. It’s just a couple of clicks—you don’t even need to personalize the email. These Actions Alerts help legislators understand the need for better support for our services.

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