Grant Provides for Technology Updates & Enhanced Services for NER

Grant Provides for Technology Updates & Enhanced Services for NER

by Nate Reed, NER Development, Fundraising Manager

Northeast Residence has been fortunate to receive grants that enhance our ability to provide services. In 2021, a grant from the Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation supported our efforts to improve technology and increase communication throughout our organization. We purchased new laptops and tablets/iPads for each of the 24 homes so staff can work more efficiently and have instant access to reference guides and manuals.

We are also networking our group homes with the help of Hammer’s and NER’s IT departments. We now have Zoom and Microsoft Teams on laptops at each home. This means the individuals we support can participate in virtual family gatherings, speak with people from their day programs, and participate virtually in meetings and appointments.

New laptops and tablets/iPads support our nursing team.

Hammer and NER caregivers are now using electronic data collection and documentation to support individual care plans to achieve each individual’s goals. Communication entries between nursing and staff are available in real time to facilitate swift responses and more timely care in urgent situations. These entries also provide seamless transitions during shift changes and keep a historical record of medical conditions, treatment plans, and schedules.

In addition, our newly hired RN can virtually triage with direct support staff utilizing the new iPads, which allow staff to respond quickly to health concerns and limit unnecessary visits to Urgent Care. Access to additional resources will make life a bit easier for those who are not fond of going to a clinic when they do not feel well or need lab work.

The bottom line? Hammer and NER can continue to provide better access to the people we serve and to each other, which will improve performance long into the future.

If you would like to learn about a variety of ways you can help provide support for the individuals we serve at our Northeast Residence homes, please contact Nate at nreed@nerinc.org or 651-419-8670.

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