Celebrating Our Caregivers – March 2022 Winners!

Celebrating Our Caregivers – March 2022 Winners!

We are pleased to announce that our first-ever recipients of our new Celebrate a Caregiver program are Karen McGowan and Emmanuel Effiong. Congratulations!

Our new “Celebrate a Caregiver” recognition program is a revisioning of Hammer’s former “DSP of the Month” program. Now more than ever, it’s important to recognize, thank, and celebrate the work all our caregivers provide to the individuals we serve. Each month, we’ll be asking Hammer’s and NER’s Program Directors to nominate DSPs and APMs on their team who are going above and beyond to make a difference in the life (or lives) of those they serve. One nominee from Hammer and one from NER will be selected each month and will receive their choice of a $25 gift card to Starbucks, Target, Holiday, or Cub Foods.

Karen McGowan – DSP at Hammer’s Zealand Apartments
Nominated by Program Director
Kelly Bosch

Karen McGowan and Robin, who Karen supports

Karen has been a consistent and thoughtful caregiver for decades at Hammer. (In fact, she’s been with Hammer for 36 years!) Karen is always going above and beyond for the individuals at Hammer while always balancing their needs and wants. Karen gives the utmost attention to all eight individuals. She has been a loyal DSP at Hammer and a great team player who we are forever grateful for. She is always willing and eager to help with any task.

Karen not only supports the individuals so well, but she is also an invaluable team member that supports the whole team—most recently with new program managers that started at Zealand in 2021. She brings a positive attitude and energy every day and is creative and a great problem solver!

Emmanuel Effiong – Lead DSP at NER’s Allen Home
Nominated by Program Director Dustin Coyle

Emmanuel Effiong

Emmanuel has worked at NER for seven years and performs his job with precision and attention to detail. There have been numerous incidents where his attention to the detail of someone’s behavioral changes or status changes have saved the person’s life! He can see a seizure coming from a mile away—or when a person he supports is getting sick or is in pain. Emmanuel caught when two individuals had a status change and ended up needing surgery. He dedicates himself fully to the care of the individuals we serve and is an excellent advocate for them. He is gentle and caring with each person, and you can see the positive relationship in the way he interacts with them. Emmanuel is willing to train new employees, handles tasks with no complaints, and goes above and beyond for both house duties and caring for the people we support. Emmanuel comes in early EVERY DAY and picks up every weekend he has off. He helps his coworkers with tasks, provides excellent documentation, and does his lead duties and more.


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