Support our Direct Support Professionals

Support our Direct Support Professionals

Every Fall we celebrate National DSP Appreciation Week. You can still make a gift to honor a caregiver.

We raised $30,000 in donations from 53 donors so far!! Along with the gifts came these very kind words for our caregiving team.

Thank you Sam for making sure the guys of First Avenue have good food to eat, fun things to do and places to go!!! You are so good at making Tim feel heard and cared about! –Sarah

Welcome Place staff, thank you! –Teresa

Brenda and Nelson Place, you are the best! Thanks for all you do! –Ron

Thank you for all you do.  You are the foundation of the organization and all the good work by Hammer could not be done without you. –Lisa

The caregivers at Stone Creek are a special group of people.  They provide 24/7 care to the Hammer residents who live there with competence, grace and patience.  Thank you for all you do! –Linda and Ken

We want to thank all the Caregivers at the Ridgeview location! We greatly appreciate all that you do to help and assist our son, Dan and all of the other boys who live there with him. –Jim and Susan

Every staff personally goes the extra mile for our daughter Jean and she considers them all part of her family. A big thank you to the Staff at Carlson. –John and Margaret

Thank you to all of the caregivers that work at Hammer and are doing such good work and congratulations to Sue Walker for 44 years! Wow and thanks for all your support. –John and Alice

In honor of the dedicated staff who have worked extra hard during this pandemic. –Walter and Susan

All the DSP staff are wonderful at making the people you serve, Nathan and everyone at Renew, happy and healthy! Thank you! You’ve done a wonderful job in these tough times. –Rita

Thank you for giving Leslie such a wonderful and caring home at Sumac. –Marvin and Rosemary

In support of DSP Lake Place staff for their support of our son and his friends. –Jan and Mary

Stacy Esposito at Stone Creek, thank you for all you do for everyone at Stone Creek. –Tim and Julie

Staff at Renew and Jay Butler, we appreciate all they do day after day. –Michael and Debrah

Staff at Vicksburg, Thanks for all you do to support the residents at Vicksburg. We appreciate and value each one of you. Your entire team is outstanding! –Pat and Mike

Thank you for the wonderful staff at Stone Creek. We are so thankful for each and everyone of you , you make a 100% difference in our sons life. –Tom and Diane

Staff at Tyler, thanks for giving great care! –Mark and Elaine

Staff at Royal Oaks, Thank you for all your caring and giving support to my daughter, Angie. –Lois

Samara Becerra at 1st Avenue is so talented and highly creative and actually loves the residents into becoming more than thought possible. They respond to her amazing nutritional meals, she is a culinary pro! She has brought Tim so much further than any psychologist and changed our lives! –Audrae

Royal Oak staff, thank you all you do for Sarah, our niece, and all who live there. –Carl and Sharon

Staff at 13th Ave, thank you for all you do for Wayne and all the other residents, you are all above and beyond our expectations. —Bill

Thank you for taking such good care of my sister Cindy at Rockford!  All the staff at Rockford are amazing! –The Johnsons

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