Caregivers are the Heart and Soul of Hammer!

Caregivers are the Heart and Soul of Hammer!

Can you imagine a world without Hammer?

You know what? I can’t.

If you can believe it, I started working at Hammer on the weekends when I was a college student finishing up my social work degree. That was 44 years ago.  I never planned to stay so long, but I fell in love with the people. Hammer is, after all, in the people business.

My name is Sue Walker and today I am the Chief Program Officer at Hammer. I am honored to work with 375 Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), the caregivers who are the heart and soul of Hammer.

Sue Walker with DSP Abiodun Ogunwale and Ted, who Hammer supports.

Although a lot has changed since those early days, one thing that has not – and in fact has dramatically increased – is the need for you. We need your financial support today.

Every day I meet with families like yours whose lives are better because of the significant, compassionate and respectful supports Hammer caregivers provide. Happy and satisfied, trained, acknowledged and valued employees make great caregivers. And, that is where you come in. Please help us go beyond the bare-minimum provided by government funding.

I hope you see and experience the dedication and quiet presence of the caregivers at Hammer. Think about what life would be like for those who call Hammer home without Hammer caregivers? Please consider your gift today as your way to acknowledge the guidance, careful attention and peace of mind quality caregivers provide.

I don’t know about you, but I agree with Frank Renshaw who wrote on a note with his latest donation, Hammer individuals, and those who care for them, are the world’s biggest blessing.” And so are you with your generosity. Thank you.


Sue Walker
Chief Program Officer


P.S. National Direct Support Professional (DSP) week is September 12-18, 2021. Make your gift in honor of a dedicated caregiver(s) and include a note of gratitude that we will share with them and publish on our Facebook page. Our hope is to raise $65,000 for our Employee Excellence Fund which supports Hammer caregivers and creates a positive environment to work and live.

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