Beloved Volunteer Not Forgotten

Beloved Volunteer Not Forgotten

By Cari Sheley, Donor Services Coordinator at Hammer Residences

On March 20, 2021 the world lost a wonderful person: Claire Hinrichs. She was a volunteer for Hammer for many, many years, always eager to help with her husband Don, and then after Don’s passing, with her sister Betty.

She reached 20,000 volunteer hours in October 2011 and labeled every Discoveries magazine from the 1990’s until well into the 2000’s. As she said “it keeps me off the streets!” Not only did she volunteer for Hammer, but also with General Mills, and the American Diabetes Association and more. She was proud of her work, as she should be, and kept meticulous records of her hours (something the volunteer office always appreciated!).

Working side by side with her at events such as the Family Day Picnic was always a joy, as she loved to talk about family, her travels and when coaxed by me, her time as a Roller Derby star prior to marrying Don in 1946.

She always had a soft spot for Hammer and those served, and asked in lieu of flowers that friends and family consider a donation to Hammer. Although she joked that only the good die young, she was one of the very best.


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