A Lifetime of Smiles Through Music

A Lifetime of Smiles Through Music

By Donny Gromek, Family Member and DJ

It has been my greatest honor to bring music to the people at Hammer Residences throughout the years.  In Hammer’s early years, I watched kids grow into teeny boppers, and then as they grew into adults. They are so excited to see me; their faces light up with excitement and we share a love for music that makes you want to sing and dance. They request the same songs every year, so of course I play the music they want to hear. I wanted to hug them, but knew I couldn’t this year because of COVID-19 and to protect everyone’s health and safety.

Donny’s biggest fans enjoying his tunes!

I joined the Hammer family when I married Becky Koltes in 1978. That same year Liz, Becky’s sister, moved into her first Hammer home. We were all much younger back in those days, and time has flown by.

This has been a very tough year for me. I lost my wife, Becky. Being a people person and a DJ, COVID-19 has been very hard for me, too. Being back with my Hammer peeps gives me such great energy! However, I miss Becky the most, but I also miss seeing Liz and everyone at Hammer as often as I used to at events. I would prefer to have everyone dancing right up front with me, but this was the next best thing on a sunny summer day.

Seeing the smiles on the individuals’ faces that day, made me cry with joy. They just mean so much to me because they are such beautiful people, and it is phenomenal to see them so happy. We should all be more thankful.

It’s my pleasure to bring more love into this world. It touches my heart so deeply. If you can help someone, share your talents, share your time, share the joy. Do it! Liz and all her friends at Hammer are the greatest, least inhibited, and most appreciative group I play for all year. I can’t wait for my next Hammer gig!


Donny getting getting the party started!

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