Eagle Scout Jack Moy is Hammer’s New Hero!

Eagle Scout Jack Moy is Hammer’s New Hero!

By Ginger Venable, Event and Project Manager at Hammer Residences

Through this pandemic, many true heroes have emerged.

Jack Moy, Eagle Scout, with help from his family and troop leaders has volunteered his free time during the pandemic to build three amazing pieces for Hammer Residences.

Two handcrafted tables for one of our community apartments. One dining room table and a kitchen island with storage and drawers, pictured here, will be delivered in August. The dining room table will allow the individuals who live in our home to gather for meals and activities. The craftsmanship is amazing! Truly professional!

Jack also built, from scratch a giant Plinko board which Hammer will use at its Reach for Ralph event and Family Day Picnics, when the pandemic is over. Jack designed and built the board from scratch with precision at every turn. This game is one of our most popular activities at Reach for Ralph and will be used instead of renting one year after year.

Jack is a student at Wayzata High School and a member of Boy Scouts of America, Troop # 481. While working on the project Jack said, “Being able to contribute something visibly meaningful to this inspiring organization is very rewarding.”

The Boy Scouts and Hammer Residences have been partners for many years. Many local scouts have done their Eagle Scout services projects to benefit Hammer. From building yard games for our homes and apartments, to making frames for an art show. Thank you, Jack and all the boy scouts that have been supportive of Hammer, and fulfilled the scout slogan of “Do a good turn daily.”

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  1. Grace Gullixson

    Oh yes!!! The tables!! Such skillful workmanship!! REALLY, REALLY,


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