A Sweet Deal for Hammer Residences

A Sweet Deal for Hammer Residences

By Barbara Brandt, Director of Communication at Hammer Residences

It is certain, that COVID19 has affected each our lives, truly beyond measure. The virus has affected every organization, family and individual. And through this pandemic, many true heroes have emerged.

Special delivery to Hammer Residences!

A few weeks ago, Kim Hansen, Director of Human Resources at Hammer, received an email from former employee Liz Senne, asking if Hammer would accept a donation of 500 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. They were unopened and still packaged in shipping boxes. We could use them how ever we chose to, for staff appreciation and also share with the individuals in our homes and apartments. It was a sweet deal that was hard to pass up.

This was not the first time Girl Scout cookies had made an appearance at Hammer.

Let’s back up. The story really began with Hammer’s own Joey Esposito, aka the first Girl Scout cookie dealer at Hammer. Joey sold cookies for his daughter for quite a few years to his coworkers at Hammer. When his daughter no longer sold them, he passed the baton to Liz Senne’s daughter Adelaide, who is 11 years old and has turned out to be quite the young businesswoman.

For the past five years at Girl Scout cookie sale time, an email goes out a week before Adelaide stops by, announcing the sale. Adelaide and her sister Aria who is 8 years old, then go “door-to -door” at Hammer and sell Girl Scout cookies. It has become a welcomed tradition at Hammer, and one that we all look forward to.

Unfortunately, this year, due to the pandemic, Girl Scout cookie sales had to be cut short for the safety of the girl scouts.

The cookies in the Senne’s garage, getting ready to be loaded for delivery.

Because of this situation, Liz and her family were left with an abundance of 500 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies that were being stored in their garage. Now this could have turned out really bad for the Senne’s, but thanks to the Girl Scout Council, they wouldn’t be stuck paying for them. Instead, they were asked to choose a nonprofit, whose mission was close to their heart, and donate the cookies to them.

Because Liz has stayed in close contact with many of her former colleagues that she worked with at Hammer Residences, she and her family knew right away who the lucky recipients of the 500 boxes of Girl Scout cookies would be.

Hammer Residences!

The girls unloading the cookies and delivering to Hammer.

Well that certainly turned out to be a great opportunity for the 280 individuals and 443 Hammer staff members. The $2,500 worth of Girl Scout cookies was delivered last week, and needless to say, everyone was thrilled to be able to accept the generous donation.

And it also goes to show you, that when something unforeseen happens that is unpleasant and life-changing, it is always best to spread the goodness back into the world, one box of Girl Scout cookies at a time! Thank you to the Senne family for the generous donation of cookies from everyone at Hammer!





  1. Sue Walker

    The cookies will be distributed to all of our home, apartments and staff soon!
    Thank you Liz, Adelaide and Aria!

  2. Ruth

    How are these going to be distributed?


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