My Family Day Picnic Experience

My Family Day Picnic Experience

By Mark Hansen, Database and Annual Fund Manager

This was my second Family Day Picnic I’ve been able to attend. My first was the first year I worked here, so my main focus was just to sit back and watch.

Mark Hansen and Angela Bernhardt at the picnic.

This year, I was fortunate enough to have a job with Angela Bernhardt, Director of Major Gifts, at the Delta Dental spinning wheel. This was the first event that I was able to get up front and personal with some of the people we serve and their parents. While we had a lot of fun with the game, it wasn’t until about halfway through the picnic that the game slowed down and I was able to look around and observe. Watching the people we serve dancing to the music, playing the games and getting all fancy with face painting and fingernail painting, which they were all very proud to show off, made me smile and laugh.

But that does not compare to what really touched my heart. As I looked around, I could feel the love, the compassion, and the patience that our DSPs and nurses give to everyone we serve. I could tell that this is more than just a job to them. There is definitely a direct connection between them and those we serve.

So, for all of that love, compassion and patience, and for showing me why my job in the Development department is so important; from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Words cannot express how I feel about the work you do day-after-day when I had about an hour to observe. You are all truly special people!

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