Meet Andy

Meet Andy

By Hannah Thibodeau, Communication Specialist

Andy at the lake

Andy moved to Hammer as a 10-year-old boy in 1978. He lived on the Boys floor, where he created many friendships he still treasures today.

As a kid on the Boys floor, Andy enjoyed doing several activities. Each year, the floor would go on a camping trip, where Andy loved to swim and enjoy the lake life, like many Minnesotans do! He also spent countless hours in the summer at the pool on the Hammer campus.

Andy carving a pumpkin

Just over 40 years later, Andy still calls Hammer home. Hammer has helped Andy age gracefully through the years and make the needed transitions as he gets older. He now lives in a home with three other men, one of whom he has been friends with since his early days at Hammer.

Andy still enjoys the good life at Hammer. He enjoys helping cook meals at the house, which he grew fond of as a young adult. He is a movie fanatic, animal-lover, and has a great sense of humor. During the week, he enjoys either going to Hammer’s Day Supports or Interact.

One of Andy’s pieces of art

Andy has always had a passion for art, which is what his day consists of at Interact. Through the years, he has created several beautiful paintings, and has even displayed some pieces in various art shows.

Hammer’s Day Supports are a chance for Andy to spend time with many of the friends he has bonded with over the years. For example, Hammer’s Day Supports Coordinator, Brad Fenske, has known Andy for 35 years. The two have a wonderful relationship where they often joke around.

Andy has truly lived a full life at Hammer. From the time he was a boy to now, he has enjoyed being active and engaged and has created long-lasting friendships along the way.


  1. Cate Saracen Peters

    I so enjoyed my years working with Andy and his family. We shared the east coast in common,(Maine and New Hampshire), which led to many trips out East over the Holidays. Flights shared with my family was a gift to our girls and a gift to Andy. Many laughs, great times cherished memories.

  2. Samantha Vokaty

    I love getting to come to work and immediately being greeted by Andy’s big warm smile! He is so much fun! I am so thankful to be apart of his life now.

  3. Forrest Seymour

    We are so grate for for the 40(!) years of great care, compassion and companionship Andy has been part of with Hammer, from the dorm to the Plymouth house to Broadway, Andy has build friendships and cultivated a rich life, and we have always felt included and supported as his family. Thanks to all the wonderful folks who have made this possible!

  4. Connie Seymour Jennison

    Through the years I have told friends and strangers about the miracles performed by Hammer for my nephew Andy. Hammer’s philosophy has been to engage with Andy as a member of its family. From his first arrival as a little boy with adjustments to hearing aids, leg braces, glasses, he has thrived and blossomed into an adult with friends, accomplishments, interests and Hammer support for trips by plane to visit his brothers. Everyone at Hammer plays a part. What an awesome home for Andy.❤️

  5. Peter Salwen

    As a member of Andy’s extended family, I am moved and delighted by this glimpse of his life and activities at Hammer. Also, I am more than a little in awe of the way Mrs Hammer and her heirs — you folks who are carrying on her legacy — have been able to provide vital, lifelong support and understanding for these young people over a span of nearly a century. Bravo and best of luck to you all.


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