Volunteer of the Month: Penny Halcomb and Maxwell

Volunteer of the Month: Penny Halcomb and Maxwell

The Volunteers of the Month for June are Penny Halcomb and Maxwell!

Penny was looking for an opportunity to volunteer with her dog, Maxwell, back in 2017. That is when she found Hammer and met Patty at our Zachary home. Over 62 hours of volunteer service later and the three are inseparable.

Program Manager, Brenda Barthel, had this to say about the volunteer match, “Penny and Maxwell are a perfect fit for Patty. Penny is flexible and can meet Patty’s needs with respect and dignity. Maxwell is a gentle, loving friend to Patty, who never stops smiling when she sees him. Patty loves to give Maxwell treats and Maxwell eats up the attention! Penny and Max are a dynamic duo that not only make Patty’s day when they come over, they also bring smiles and laughter to everyone who lives at Zachary.”

Penny and Maxwell also look forward to their visits with Patty. When they arrive at Zachary, Maxwell will run up to the house, bark and paw at the door. Thank you, Penny and Maxwell, for bringing joy to Patty and everyone at Zachary!


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Cathy Thoma at cthoma@hammer.org or 952-345-8554.

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