Geritom Medical: Our Essential Partner

Geritom Medical: Our Essential Partner

By Angela Bernhardt, Director of Major Gifts

Geritom Medical is a family-owned, independent pharmacy focused on those with special needs, with over 8,000 customers and 1,000 facilities served.

Geritom works closely with our nursing team to provide pharmacy and medical supply services to the individuals served by Hammer. Specifically:

– The team at Geritom delivers all medication, as well as medical and household supplies, to our 46 group home and apartment programs around the clock.

– Geritom pharmacists complete in-depth medication therapy management, including analysis of drug-to-drug interactions and regularly attend Hammer nursing meetings to bring them up-to-speed on important matters related to medications.

– Geritom even works closely with insurance companies to make sure all medications prescribed are covered by insurance, and if not, they will recommend working with the doctor to find an alternative medication that is covered.

Geritom staff delivering items to a Hammer home

Geritom is truly a partner with Hammer. Geritom coordinator Samantha Greene makes sure everything related to medications runs smoothly, informing Hammer nurses of every medication change, and maintaining current orders for the 285 individuals served residentially at Hammer.

Brandon Eddy, Director of Nursing, is thankful for the partnership with Geritom, saying, “Being able to count on Geritom to handle all of our medication needs is essential to the success of Hammer’s Health Services department. They are behind the scenes ensuring all of the individuals served by Hammer have the medications they need to live their lives to the fullest.”

As one of the top independent non-chain pharmacies in the country, Geritom says the close partnership with Hammer is rewarding for them, and believes it is their duty to give back to the Twin Cities community, where they live and work.

Alex and Samantha Greene

We have a strong commitment to serve and support Hammer programs, the amazing people they serve, and their caregivers and staff,“ says Alex Greene, Director of Business Development at Geritom Medical. “We want to be in the community, not solely as a pharmacy, but as a strategic resource and partner.

Geritom is once again the top sponsor at Reach for Ralph on July 11 and we are so grateful for their continued support and all they make possible. Thank you, Geritom Medical!

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