Meet Robin

Meet Robin

By Hannah Barnes, Communication Specialist

Friends at Zealand

Robin was one of the first individuals to move in at our Zealand apartment program when it opened in 1999. In the 20 years she has lived at Zealand, she has grown substantially, becoming increasingly more independent.

Program Manager, Craig Raymond, has worked at Zealand for just over two years. During his time, he has watched Robin grow to be more independent. She is great at taking care of her apartment, as she takes initiative in upkeep and cleaning. She is also a great help around the staff apartment and will assist with tasks there, too.

One of her favorite aspects of calling Hammer home is that she is able to have a pet of her own. Robin takes great care of her cat, Billy, and enjoys the company of her feline friend.

Aside from enjoying the apartment itself, Robin has created great relationships with several individuals within the Zealand community. Together, they love to go out and participate in several activities, including Hammer Bowling, Christ for People, and Special Olympics.

Robin at Special Olympics

Since the group at Zealand has known each other for years, they have grown very close. Not only do they enjoy doing activities together nearly every night, they are also there for each other during the more serious times of life. For example, if an individual is having a difficult time, they will all hug and let the person know that they are there for them. It is relationships like this that makes the community at Zealand priceless.

“The friendships she’s gained through Zealand, you can just tell they’re going to last forever,” Craig said.

Zealand has truly been a perfect fit for Robin and she is glad to call her apartment home. She couldn’t imagine her life elsewhere. “I love this place,” she said.

“Robin can just make others feel good and turn their day around if they’re not feeling so good,” Craig said. “She’s a joy to have around.”


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