A Friend For Life

A Friend For Life

By Hannah Barnes, Communication Specialist

There are many dynamic duos in the world: Batman and Robin, Bert and Ernie, peanut butter and jelly, and at Hammer’s Lancaster home, it’s Chris and Vance.

Chris and Vance on Halloween

Chris and Vance were instantly friends when they met. The duo bonded over their love of video games and sports. They will often play games together and cheer each other on along the way. They also enjoy being active in the community, whether that is going out to eat or going to the WWE Smackdown, which they attended earlier this year.

Chris and Vance also both work at eQuality, a nonprofit that helps individuals with disabilities find jobs in the community.

Beyond common hobbies, their personalities mesh well together, as both are young at heart. They are light-hearted and have a happy-go-lucky friendship where they can joke around with one another.

“They can laugh things off,” Program Manager Zach Molloy said. “There are of course tough moments, but at the end of the day every day, things are good.”

Staff at Hammer have helped nourish this relationship by helping to arrange opportunities for the two to participate in activities together. They have also helped with managing space and boundaries, making for a better friendship in the long-term.

Chris and Vance have a unique bond and have truly created a friendship that will last a lifetime. Their Hammer home has been a great fit for both of them.

“It’s so important to have like-minded friends in general and to live with like-minded people,”  Zach said. “[At Hammer] You are all working toward common goals and bettering your life. They see eye-to-eye on those things.”

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