Volunteer of the Month: Bethany Collins

Volunteer of the Month: Bethany Collins

The Volunteer of the Month for November is Bethany Collins!

Bethany began as a pet therapy volunteer with Hammer in 2008, and has been volunteering ever since!

Bethany was looking for a place to volunteer with her wonderful new puppy, Chase. He is a miniature Australian shepherd who is very smart and well-trained. She reached out to Hammer, who paired her with Lynn.

Lynn and Bethany began by walking Chase every Friday afternoon. They would then have a snack and visit with each other too. Lynn and Bethany both love animals so much, it is part of their bond. Chase loves seeing Lynn and literally jumps in her lap and gives her a hug before she can barely sit down!

As they got to know each other, their relationship grew. They began going out to dinner together, and eventually Lynn would visit Chase at Bethany’s home, having dinner there.

“It has been 10 years and Lynn has been with my family for numerous holidays over the years. They all ask about her and enjoy seeing her. She has become part of my family!”

Bethany feels that the greatest impact volunteering with Lynn has had on her has been the ability to nurture, comfort and provide friendship toward Lynn. She can’t think of anything that is better than that!

Bethany wants potential volunteers to know, “Working with Hammer will enrich your life because you can make a difference to one or many individuals that Hammer serves. I feel honored to be able to volunteer with Hammer.”

Thank you, Bethany, for your 300 hours of service to Lynn. And thank you, Chase, for being such a wonderful pup!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Cathy Thoma at cthoma@hammer.org or 952-345-8554.


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