Volunteer of the Month: Alexandra DeMarais

Volunteer of the Month: Alexandra DeMarais

Hammer’s Volunteer of the Month for August is Alexandra DeMarais!

Alex started as a Hammer volunteer in 2014 while she was still a student at the University of St. Thomas and the Vice President of the Health and Human Performance Club. She was looking to enhance her resume by volunteering with different groups, and became a basketball coach for our league.

She enjoyed that experience so much that she asked to become a one-on-one volunteer. Alex was matched with one of the individuals we support in 2017 and they have been going strong ever since!

Alex says that after a long day of work, volunteering brings so much more to her day. Every time she volunteers she feels so much happier, relaxed, and excited about life and all it has to offer. She says it doesn’t feel like volunteering, it feels like hanging out with a friend, and that’s what keeps her engaged.

Alex wants other potential volunteers to know that if they are considering volunteering at Hammer, to just call the volunteer office and set something up. Once you meet the people that are a part of the organization, you won’t want to leave! Thanks for all that you do, Alex. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Cathy Thoma at cthoma@hammer.org or 952-345-8554.

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