TCF, Proud Supporters of Hammer – Together We’re Building a Better Community!

TCF, Proud Supporters of Hammer – Together We’re Building a Better Community!

TCF Bank has made people’s lives better through their financial support at Hammer since 1992. This year, they are the Premier Sponsor at our signature fundraising event, Reach for Ralph, which is on July 12.

Because of TCF, individuals like Jim, who resides at our Ridgeview group home, live a full and meaningful life. Each individual has something that he or she is passionate about. For Jim, it is road trips, going out to eat, pinball, the band KISS, and music in general.

Jim’s father, Bill Bieber, serves on the TCF Board of Directors and Bill introduced Hammer to TCF in the early 1990s. TCF has a generous program in which they match donations that their employees or board members make to charities. Because of this program and grants from its foundation, TCF has contributed more than $300,000 since our relationship began.

Generous contributors from donors, like TCF, help Jim, his housemates, and other individuals supported by Hammer pursue their hobbies and goals. Funds support caregivers who help Jim budget his money, and act as a coach, encouraging Jim to complete various daily tasks and achieve goals. One of Jim’s goals is to spend more time in the community. His caregivers help him prepare and guide him in pursuing his interests. They shop at music stores weekly, where he can check out new albums. Jim is elated to be a part of his community.

The generous donations from TCF and others make sure that Jim and his housemates have caring staff members who can assist them in reaching their individual goals, leading to the full life that they want to live.

At Hammer, there are 281 other individuals like Jim who need funds from supporters to live their lives to the fullest. Will you join them and Open Your Heart to Hammer?  Come to Reach for Ralph, where you will meet individuals, each with unique desires and goals, who need your support. To learn more about Reach for Ralph and to purchase tickets, click here.

Thank you, TCF, for your continued generosity. You have been instrumental in the success of each individual served at Hammer.

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    Thank you TCF!


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