Sarah: An Above and Beyond Citizen

Sarah: An Above and Beyond Citizen

By Hannah Barnes, Communication Specialist

Sarah moved to a Hammer-supported apartment at the end of summer in 2017. Even though she has only been there a short amount of time, she is already thriving in her community. Recently, she won the “Above & Beyond Award” at her apartment building.

Sarah in the apartment lobby, where she often helps out.

The “Above & Beyond Award” was given to her by the leasing office at the apartment building. It is awarded to an individual who demonstrates exceptional service, extraordinary acts of kindness, distinctive programming, or outstanding leadership. Sarah was given the award because of her involvement in the community, and her willingness to help out.

Sarah can often be seen in the apartment lobby or leasing office helping clean or helping to restock the coffee supplies and water. She has great pride for the place she lives, and wants to do her part to make sure it is always looking great.

Aside from helping keep the lobby clean and stocked with food and beverages, she has helped the office stuff their monthly newsletter that is distributed to residents.

When asked about why she does this for her apartment complex, Sarah said “I just try to help out, you know?” She truly is an exemplary member of her community.

When she is not helping out with tasks around the building, she likes to interact with her neighbors. She has not missed a single bingo night yet! The leasing office even said, “It would be tough to believe anybody has not at least crossed paths with Sarah yet.”

Hammer is so proud of the work Sarah does for her community. She is a great representation of the individuals Hammer supports!

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