The Heart of “Can Do” Collaboration

The Heart of “Can Do” Collaboration

By Cate Saracen Peters, Director of Training and Education

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”
-Mattie Stepanek

At Hammer we often talk about the heart of the matter. What exactly, is at the heart of what we are trying to accomplish? When I think about collaboration, it stirs up a vision of each of us walking together – alongside individuals, helping them to have positive control over their daily lives and whatever it is that fills their soul.

I’d like to introduce you to Dana, a woman who is supported by Hammer. Dana’s story captures the joy of contentment when you’ve realized a dream that mattered to you, sometimes more than mere words can express.

Dana, smiling and hanging out in her Hammer Residences apartment.

Dana in her Hammer apartment.

It’s a story about the positive power of relationships, the power of listening to understand, and collaborating to guide whatever process is necessary towards one human being’s definition of success and fulfillment.

The people in Dana’s life: her family, her staff members, and other supports outside of Hammer, came together as one collective force to do just that.

As you listen to this young woman’s story, we hope you’ll be inspired to think about your role in collaborating: to connect, strike up a new relationship, or simply share your gifts and talents with the individuals around you. The power of this story illustrates how collaboration is not the means to one end, yet is expansive and perpetual in nature. This is applicable within our own lives and how we achieve success together, and it leads to our ability at Hammer to sustain our rich services into the future.

Please reach out to us, we want and need your ideas. Think about the things you do every day that fill you up. Those things just may be the key to collaborating with us to enhance the daily supports in a person’s life.

Sit back, contemplate, and just imagine the possibilities that lay ahead for the people we serve.



  1. Lisbeth Armstrong

    This is great. Dana is a remarkable woman with many gifts and talents. Thank you for sharing your story Dana. I know you have inspired me!

  2. Terri Cantrall

    As a parent ‘launching’ my own children was a complex experience at times. How wonderful for individuals and their parents to have the support of Hammer staff to help with the transition and make it a success. Dana you are clearly a determined individual! Great job on achieving you dream.


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