For Love of the Story

By Jennifer Larson, Graphic Designer

I love a good story. I’m guessing you do too. It’s one thing I love about Hammer – their wealth of good stories. Hammer is all about people, and people make the best stories.


I’m a graphic designer and communications consultant, and I started working with Hammer a little over a year ago. In that time, I’ve helped Hammer put together a new brochure highlighting the organization and created materials for the annual meeting as well as for last year’s Reach for Ralph fundraiser. And, I’ve worked with the Communications team at Hammer to redesign their Discoveries magazine using photos and text to more clearly focus on the people of Hammer.

Along the way, I’ve had a front row seat for hearing a bunch of great Hammer stories. From the individuals who have called Hammer family all of their lives to stories about friendships between volunteers and the people Hammer serves. From the Direct Support Professionals who work hard to understand needs and do their jobs well to people like Director of Communication Tony Baisley who left the corporate world to promote work in which he believes. And of course, there are a wealth of stories of regular people who with some support from Hammer, live independently, find jobs, make friends, and enjoy the little things in life.

In my design business, I primarily work with nonprofits because I like supporting organizations doing work that closely align with my beliefs. I love my clients! My work is oftentimes behind the scenes. But, I have the opportunity to make a difference to organizations by helping them figure out how best to get their message out – how to tell their stories and use images for the best impact – and in the process, connect to the community, spark interest in volunteering, and encourage donations.

Jenny blogSome things I’ve noticed about Hammer:

The people I’ve met have all been warm and genuine.There is a strong dedication to each individual they serve and support is always given in a professional, classy manner. The organization seems to have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for supporting people in living their lives and treating them with dignity and respect.

In the materials I’ve help put together, I’ve seen true appreciation and care for all who work at Hammer. All employees are respected for the amazing work they do in jobs that can be very challenging.

I look forward to continuing to learn and grow in my work with Hammer – and to hearing more inspiring stories.

Jennifer Larson is a graphic designer and photographer based in Minneapolis. Her business is Jennifer Larson Communications Design. Link: https://www.jenniferlarson.net/


  1. Julane

    Thank you, Jenny, for all your great work! So nice to hear your ‘voice.’

  2. Tony Baisley

    Jenny! What lovely words you’ve shared with us all, thank you so much!! It is a true joy working with you as my wonderful professional partner. Thank you for the expertise and extra effort you always bring to our interactions. Have a great week!! 🙂


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