Fences Don’t Make Good Neighbors

By Kathy Lund, Mother of Jessica

Jessica Lund 2

My adult daughter lives with five other individuals in a Hammer home in Golden Valley. They moved there in February, 2008. It is a beautiful, spacious house on a corner lot with a large driveway area for parking.

At the time, the house and yard was screened from its quiet residential neighborhood by a solid wooden fence. Both the front and side street views were blocked by this fence. Some time ago, part of the front section of the fence was knocked over, most likely by a snowplow. Hammer appealed for funds to repair the damage, but it remained.

This past June, a decision was made to remove the side portion of the fence. The effect was remarkable. Suddenly the home had joined the neighborhood! There was a sense of welcome and trust. Neighbors could see the individuals playing basketball or picnicking. It is also safer now because drivers on both streets can view vehicles emerging from the driveway that is very close to the intersection.

old-wood-privacy-fenceThis simple improvement has been tremendous! We never considered the fence particularly obstructive, but once it was gone, the difference was apparent. This object had inadvertently boxed in six amazing men and women. It’s amazing how much a small change can have such an effect. The fence didn’t make a good neighbor; my daughter and her housemates make great neighbors!


  1. Suzanne

    Well said Kathy! Thanks for sharing such a great story.

  2. Angela Bernhardt

    This is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing this lovely story.

  3. Jim

    As a resident just up the block from the Hammer Residence in Golden Valley, I can truly attest to the change for the better by having the fence removed. It truly is hearting to see the residents living independently and being picked up for work each day and seeing them out for walks in the neighborhood. Love the work that Hammer does in the community!


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