What Do Volkswagen Beetles, Bruegger’s Bagels, and Tuesday Mornings Have in Common?

By Maggie Starr-Knox, Assistant Program Manager

From my time at the Hammer Day Supports program, I have my fair share of stories to tell (not nearly as many as our buddy Brad). One that sticks out in my mind is our weekly trip to Bruegger’s. It is something everyone looks forward to doing.

BrueggersEvery Tuesday our Hammer Day Supports crew goes off to Bruegger’s Bagels right down the road in nearby Wayzata. Our dear Mr. James McKune enjoys the drive over as much as the treat he buys at Bruegger’s. You see, it is prime time for him to spot a “Slug Bug” (V.W. Beetle). James doesn’t much care about slugging anyone, but he thoroughly enjoys the game of spotting a one before the rest of us.

It starts as soon as we get in the van. The game continues even when we are in the restaurant. James will perch himself in a perfect window seat ready to catch a glimpse of the next “Slug Bug.” Staff will be helping another individual getting situated or we may just be deep in conversation when suddenly James exclaims: “I got you!” This of course means he has spotted an elusive Beetle. He immediately follows this up by telling us that he will find the next one before any of us. We tease back that this time we are definitely going to get one on him.  He flashes his big smile at that thought.  He returns to his window seat with his eyes peeled and a smile still on his face.


James has truly gotten all of us into search mode. I got so excited once when I saw one on our drive to Bruegger’s, that I nearly missed turning into the parking lot. We don’t keep a tally going; it’s all just for fun. We only have one rule – if you spot a “Slug Bug,” someone else needs to verify that it was indeed a Beetle, not some look-alike car. So this gets all heads turning in our group to verify the sighting.

It is silly and fun!  Even when I am driving alone, I find myself spotting the “Slug Bugs” on the road. But of course that doesn’t count, because no one is there to verify my sighting.  I do smile to myself though.

It may be a simple thing, but our little group truly enjoys our Tuesday morning Bruegger’s outings, “Slug Bugs” and all. Thank you James for helping all of us enjoy those simple, everyday moments in life!


  1. Kim Hansen

    Great story Maggie and what fun! Slug Bug!

  2. Ann Martinka

    Fun…we play that in our family too! Universal game!!!


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