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It’s About Trust

By Julane Rose, Associate Director of Development As a Direct Support Professional and Program Manager in Training, Ricky Russell knows it takes kindness, patience and abiding respect, every day, to build trust. The men he supports know he has their best interests at...

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“Oh Crystal Ball …”

By Dan Bottiger, Director of Information Systems Leading the IT Department for a nonprofit often presents its share of challenges when trying to control costs while at the same time meeting the ever-changing technology needs of a growing organization. When making...

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IMPROVing the World one Laugh at a Time

By Justin Edin, Assistant Program Manager, Zealand Apartments I have always enjoyed theater and the arts as far back as I can remember. Basically, I have been doing informal improvisation my whole life, which some of you may know as “playing pretend.” As a boy, I...

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Grateful for my Hammer Thanksgiving tradition

By Kate Bottiger, Director of Volunteer Resources Grateful is a word on which I often reflect. As the Director of Volunteer Resources at Hammer, I am able to show appreciation to our volunteers who share their time and talents with the individuals we support. And, to...

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Person-Centered Care

By Christine R. Olsen, RN When the first words I hear in the morning are: “I haven’t pooped in a week,” I know it’s going to be an interesting day. About a month into my time working at Hammer, I woke up to one of those calls from an individual we support. Now, I’m a...

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A Community of Support: Leslie’s Story

By Mary Gaasch, Program Manager I took a deep breath.  This was risky, I knew.  Just mentioning a difficult situation to Leslie could potentially ignite a crisis. A few years ago, it would have sent her into a sobbing, raging state that would have lasted a week....

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