Make the Holidays Happy!

There is hope for the holidays for Rosie because of
financial support from people like you. Thank you!

Holiday Greetings to You!

Your gift will bring joy to Rosie, her housemates, and everyone served at Hammer.

Rosie is wonderful, funny, kind, and—though you might not realize this when you first meet her—in addition to having a developmental disability, Rosie is deaf and visually challenged. Rosie lived with her mother until she was 53 and her mother passed away. The transition away from the only home she’d ever known wasn’t easy for Rosie but, thankfully, she had a team of caregivers helping her in ways big and small.

If you are like Rosie, you are spending more time at home than ever before. It takes a lot to take care of our 35 group homes and 9 apartment programs.

We have a long list of Home Improvement Projects!

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Your gift will make it possible to make updates to keep everyone safe and secure as they, and their homes, age.

Thank You!