Together, We Ensure Tomorrow

Hammer & NER is launching a campaign to raise $10 million by 2025. We must continue to provide exceptional care and services needed by the people we support long into the future.

Down Syndrome

According to the Down Syndrome Association, by their 50s, approximately half of those with Down syndrome will experience memory loss and other declines — such as loss of skills — associated with having dementia.

Skilled and Dedicated Staff

With an ongoing (and worsening) employee shortage, the people we support are at risk of not receiving the same level of care they once did and may need to move to nursing homes where staff are not trained to meet the unique needs of people with development disabilities.

Aging Well

People with disabilities are living longer and aging, experiencing the physical and mental changes that come with aging. Many outlive their parents, who have so often been their caregivers and support systems.

Staffing and Resources

The Twin Cities community lacks the places and appropriately trained staff to care for people with developmental disabilities as they age and develop dementia.

We Are Better Together

With your financial support, we can continue to carry out our commitment to providing exceptional care that enables those we support to age well with an assurance of end-of-life care.

And, just as important, your support will provide the foundation for growing a skilled and dedicated workforce with the tools they need to help the people we serve continue to live life to the fullest as they age.

Learn more about our funding priorities and discover personal stories about those we serve.

Help us reach our campaign goal!

$1.6m raised

Goal: $10 million

Hammer & NER accepts multi-year gifts of cash, stocks, and IRA distributions.

Campaign Goals

Aging Well & End-Of-Life Care

We must provide the right care at the right time as people age and live out their lives with grace and dignity at Hammer & NER. The scope of this incredible challenge means we need your help to transform the care and services we provide.

Skilled & Dedicated Staff

We must attract and retain skilled, dedicated, and caring Direct Support Professionals by providing them with a competitive living wage, opportunities for growth and a comprehensive benefits package.

“The support our son, Alex, receives allows us to enjoy our time being parents to him. We are passionate about this campaign because we value Hammer & NER’s future. Together with others, we are confident we can ensure tomorrow for individuals living with disabilities and for their caregivers.”

— Bill Luther and Janet Robert, Campaign Chairs