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A safe, stable home is the foundation for everything in life. For 370 people with disabilities, their Hammer & NER home is a place where they can build relationships, achieve their goals, learn new skills, express their individuality, and lead fulfilling lives. When you support Hammer & NER, you are giving someone the Power of Home.

Our latest Home Improvement Needs List includes projects that we need to do across our 59 homes and 9 apartment programs. Each of these projects helps improve the quality of life for the people in the home, now and into the future. By investing in Hammer & NER you help give people a place from which they can thrive.

Your gift provides the Power of Home!


Thanks to donors, like you, Sarah has a home where she is encouraged to be herself and allowed to express her interests. Sarah loves Care Bears!

Caregivers support Sarah as she does the activities that she enjoys, like coloring, doing puzzles, and watching her favorite shows. Sarah’s family supports her home and we are blessed to be her family, extended. Her joy shines bright.