That’s what you make possible for Kerry and 280 others living in Hammer’s group homes and apartments. Thank you!

Join us on our Tour of Hope online on July 22 at 7:00 pm and hear more of Kerry’s story. 

You Give Kerry Hope

Think about what brings you joy… It’s probably not that much different than what Kerry enjoys. Spending time with friends, going out to lunch and dreaming about an upcoming getaway. It’s just that without your financial support, Kerry doesn’t have as many opportunities in life. You see, that’s because government funding provides only the most basic supports for those living with developmental disabilities. But when you think about it, isn’t there so much more to hope for in life?

Your generosity makes it possible for Kerry to live a full and meaningful life. For the past year, Kerry has been unable to work and earn her own money. But Kerry never lost hope and she never felt alone. She has participated in virtual classes and activities and accessed fund raised dollars for special occasions from the Quality-of-Life Fund. Hammer gave peace of mind to her parents who, when unable to see Kerry in person, knew that she had well-trained, dedicated and exceptional caregivers looking out for her.

Kerry lived at a Hammer group home for years. As an only child growing up, she didn’t always enjoy sharing a space with housemates as an adult and Kerry dreamed of having her very own place. She worked hard with her care team to learn what she needed to live more independently in a Hammer-supported apartment. Now she has her dream apartment, her own key, her own space – including her very own washer and dryer – and the level of care that she needs. Fundraised dollars literally opened Kerry’s apartment door!

Sponsorship Opportunities

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