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Chris and Andy lived together in an apartment. Chris visits Andy at his new home with the help of caregivers. Having a friend like Chris keeps Andy’s spirits up. Your gift keeps their friendship alive.

Old friends are the best friends! Please help them age in place.

Until recently, Andy lived in his own Hammer & NER apartment. His parents and staff began noticing physical and mental changes related to aging that typically begin to appear in individuals with developmental disabilities in their mid-40s. Living independently became impossible. Andy moved into a group home where he receives a much higher level of round-the-clock care.

Andy is one of the lucky ones. His mother, Marcia, explains that “the home is fully accessible, and staff members are trained to care for people with dementia. We feel blessed that everything worked out for Andy, but my heart aches because I know that doesn’t happen for everyone.”

We are committed to meeting the needs of the people we support as they age.

We need your help to:

  • modify and remodel homes to accommodate people’s changing needs.
  • provide advanced training to our staff to help them provide more complex care and to better understand the cognitive and emotional issues for people with intellectual disabilities as they age.

Please donate today.

Together, we will meet the increased needs of people who are aging rapidly.