Support Services

Onsite Nursing Staff

Hammer’s in-house team of registered and licensed practical nurses is dedicated to maintaining the best possible health care and safety standards for the people we serve. Our nurses administer solutions and provide support to Hammer staff, ensuring that health and safety standards are upheld. Our nurses stay current with research and best practices by regularly attending seminars and conferences. They are also members of the Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association, a professional organization for nurses serving individuals with developmental disabilities.

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Nursing team left to right: Brandi Sterry, Cindy Garin, Jenna Kocsis,  Kris Harrington, Erin McChesney, Brandon Eddy.

Health Care Support Services Team

Our health services team support the people we serve on an individual level. Hammer has a Health Care team consisting of four Nurses, a Nutritionist, a Program Coordinator, and a Director of Nursing. This care team provides Health Care Services with access to a nurse on call 24/7.

  • Health care plans created for each individual are annually reviewed and updated:
  • Medication administration monitored electronically
  • Regular assessment of health conditions
  • Recommendations for occupational, physical and speech therapies as needed
  • Consultation with other healthcare professionals
  • Consultation with family members, guardians, social workers, and outside agencies

Our level of care is unsurpassed in the field of direct care, contributing significantly to Hammer’s reputation as an industry leader.

In-Home Support Services

Our In-Home staff help support individuals in a manner that works best for each person. For some, that support takes place in their own home, for others, it may be at home with their parents. We work with each individual to customize his/her supports to best meet needs, preferences, and desires. In-Home staff support includes meeting daily needs, such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, or self-care. These services ensure the continuity of medical needs, helping to maintain health and safety. 

Individuals can participate in a variety of fun activities – from cooking, knitting and exercise groups to movie and game nights to attending sporting events, festivals, and fairs. We recognize that recreation and opportunities to meet with friends are part of experiencing life to its fullest. Each year we gather input on the types of activities that resonate with those we support and offer them as popular benefits to experience.

Support staff members have completed the training required for licensed providers and continually update their education through our state-of-the-art training program. When an individual has an additional need, Hammer also offers specialized training.

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