Support Our Nurses

Hammer’s 7 person nursing team has more than 50 years of experience providing compassionate care to individuals served by Hammer. The work of the Health Services Department is priceless, and only possible because of fundraised dollars. It is just one of the many supports Hammer provides that many other providers do not.  

 With COVID-19, no dollar amount has mattered when keeping individual’s physical and mental health a top priority. We are able to stay the course and do everything we can to get through this pandemic because of fundraised dollars from donors.  

 Your financial support, no matter the size, is needed right now to continue this extraordinary level of compassionate care. 

The Hammer team

Thank you for your commitment to compassionate care!

Honor and support Hammer nurses.

Looking for ways to get involved instead?

Your financial support is vital to continue the care for individuals that we serve and positively impact their life. We also have a variety of volunteer opportunities to fit your lifestyle.