Do You Believe in Compassionate Care?

Meet Jacqi

After years of practicing karate and working in a warehouse, Jacqi needed knee replacements. She experienced unforeseen complications, which put her in the hospital for 45 days.

This was scary and tough – and Hammer wasn’t paid for the time she was away. We did not think twice about being there for Jacqi. This is why we need your help.

Despite it costing Hammer over $7,000, we did not let Jacqi go. Her apartment she so proudly calls home was kept ready for her return.

One of our five nurses, Jenna, was at the hospital with Jacqi, being her advocate and voice, talking with doctors during this difficult and confusing time.

Since Jacqi moved back to her apartment, we are coordinating her physical therapy and doctor appointments, making sure she is safe and comfortable, and receiving all of the care that she needs.

You are our crucial partner. Your generous gift today will help us provide compassionate care. We promise you.