Joe Counts on You!

Dear Friends,

My son counts on you, and I do too! Joe needs you now more than ever.

      Joe, 44, lives in his own one-bedroom apartment, with Hammer caregivers just down the hall and a whole community, that’s you, who supports him. He is encouraged to shoot for the stars, to be as independent as possible. He works during the day and also uses medical assistance to try to make ends meet. Joe plays basketball at the YMCA and bowls with Special Olympics.

     Like the 285 individuals living at Hammer, Joe is thriving and living the life he wants – and so deserves. His life is not all that different than yours or mine. It’s just that Joe can’t live his life alone.

I don’t want to imagine Joe’s life without Hammer and you!
Quality care comes at a cost and we need your investment today.

Knowing that the most vulnerable members of our community are well-cared for and loved provides tremendous peace of mind, comfort and pride in what together we make possible.

Your gift today truly makes a difference to my son and many others. Thank you so, so much.

Jane Shaffer, Joe’s Mom