Staff Testimonials


“We are honored and humbled as an organization to know that our staff members feel a deep sense of purpose and direction in their work, and it is with their support that we have become a top workplace. One of our core values as an organization is to provide a workplace where people are appreciated and recognized for their good work.”

John Estrem

CEO , Hammer


“Working at Hammer opens up the door to a world of uniqueness, exploratory and fun experiences as it relates to diversity. This makes everyone here at Hammer good citizens of the communities and the world.”

Matthew Benson

Direct Support Professional, Hammer


“For a young guy like me, just out of college, Hammer is a great place to build a career. I’ve been blessed with good co-workers and mentors at Ridgeview. Being at Hammer has given me good, rewarding work that I enjoy!”

Patrick Curoe

Assistant Program Manager, Hammer


“I enjoy the huge smiles, warm hugs, and heartwarming giggles when being greeted by the people I serve. The fun times we have together fill my days with great joy!”

Ramona Cushman

Direct Support Professional, Hammer


“I was a Service Coordinator at an organization that serves individuals with disabilities for 8 years, prior to retiring. Approximately 25% of the people on my caseload lived in Hammer Residences. I worked with their staff on a very regular basis and experienced how Hammer’s homes, management, communication, training, and relationships with persons served compared to that of many other organizations. Hammer excelled in all areas; there was never any doubt in my mind that if I chose to work in this field part time after my retirement, I would seek employment with this company. I’ve been with Hammer for 2 1/2 years and love it!  I work 20 hours a week but can pick up more, if needed.  If I need time off, there has never been a problem. The people are great and the homes are beautiful.  It’s truly a privilege to spend time with the ladies who live in the group home where I work. The benefits and extra income are nice, but what really stands out for me is that this is a company that truly cares for its employees and bends over backwards to let us know that we’re appreciated and valued.  As a senior citizen, that’s not always the case!”

Merrilee Fryer

Direct Support Professional, Hammer


“It is fun working with the individuals we serve at Hammer Residences, and being of support to them in their quest to live full lives. The challenges of understanding their different requests and empathizing with them, propel a new drive and wanting to do more – hoping that our touch and words will make their lives meaningful.”

Theo-Wiaplah Giple

Direct Support Professional, Hammer


“Individuals are cared for, active in the community, active in achieving their wants and dreams in life, and challenged when needed, to make sure they are able to continue doing everything they like to. This company made me confident that I am in the right career field, and it is so nice to finally go home with a smile on my face.”

Rosemary Keelin

Direct Support Professional, Hammer


“I have worked for non-profits my entire adult life and wanted you to know how impressed I am with all I have come in contact with at Hammer. It’s a pleasure to be a staff member at Hammer.”

Diane Klimowicz

Direct Support Professional, Hammer


“Staff and residents treat each other like family.”

Courtney Hartnek

Direct Support Professional, Hammer


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