Homes & Apartments

About Our Homes

Hammer has 35 homes with staff and serves around 158 adults throughout the western suburbs of the Twin Cities. Our focus on broadening our offerings comes from our strong commitment of offering the people we serve a choice in how they live and are supported.

We provide an array of support services on a daily basis in our homes, and continue to search for new ways to deliver our person-centered care. Living life to the fullest means something different to each person we serve. Many of our individuals enjoy spending time with friends and having the support and ability to pursue their varying interests. In our homes and apartments, there are opportunities to participate in a variety of activities like going out to dinner, to plays, shopping, and attending both local community events and Hammer sponsored events.

About Our Apartments

Hammer has 9 apartment programs throughout Hennepin County, that offer supported, but more independent living, adapting as needed to meet a wide range of ages and abilities. Most people living in our apartments work during the day and return home to spend time with their Hammer family of friends and staff.

Each apartment building accommodates 10-12 people, many of whom do their own cooking and cleaning with the support of our 24-hour staff team. Staff members help with social schedules, appointments, medications, and daily activities, including grocery shopping and other shared duties.

Our apartment buildings have a community apartment with a living room, kitchen, and dining area for cooking, eating, playing games, and watching TV. It also serves as an office and sleeping room for our employees. Individuals living in the apartments have access to other amenities within the complex, such as the community room, a pool, and exercise room.